When Hunger Strikes

Even though you may not feel like snacking much if you are eating keto or simply stay in mild ketosis during the day, there can be some days where a small low-glycemic snack is most welcome. During the busy holiday season, having healthy snack options on hand can be a big help when you have a long weekend to-do list. Here are 12 delicious options.

12 Keto-Friendly Snacks

  • Grass-fed beef, wild-caught salmon, or organic chicken jerky (homemade or minimally processed)
  • Canned smoked oysters, anchovies, etc.
  • Avocado mashed with sardines (out of a can) 
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Raw or dry roasted nuts and seeds. Make sure there are no vegetable/seed oils or added sugar.
  • Portable packets of almond or cashew butter (paired with cut-up raw vegetables)
  • Kale chips or seaweed chips
  • Any low-glycemic leftovers (slices of cold meat or poultry, roasted vegetables, etc.)
  • Pasture-raised/grass-fed or organic cheese made with raw milk (directly from a farm ideally)
  • Dark chocolate: 85% cacao or above
  • Magic Spoon cereals – one of my favorites!
  • Keto-friendly protein or collagen bars – I particularly enjoy the Bulletproof Collagen Protein Bars, Primal Kitchen Bars, Perfect Keto Bars, Epic Bars, and the Design for Health KTO BARS. Having one or two protein bars in your purse or bag at all times is a sure way to satisfy any hunger cravings and to stay away from unhealthy snack options. 

Do you have a favorite keto-friendly snack?

Until next time!


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What is the Ketogenic Diet?

The ketogenic diet is a type of low-carb diet in which carb consumption is reduced enough so that the body can start making and utilizing ketones. As mentioned in a previous post, ketones (special energy molecules) are a by-product of body fat that is tapped into if we fast or if we limit our carb intake to a bare minimum. The body’s stored fat and the healthy fats consumed during the day (along with reasonable protein intake) become the main fuel source on a ketogenic diet, as opposed to getting glucose from carbohydrates for energy. Eating keto means eating mostly (well-sourced) meat, fish, eggs, certain vegetables, nuts and seeds, little fruit, and healthy oils.

If you’re wondering what type of meals one may be eating on a ketogenic diet, here are a few examples for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (as described in Keto for Life, by Mark Sisson and Brad Kearns).


  • Fasting with water, tea, or coffee
  • High-fat coffee or other beverage
  • Omelet with pastured eggs, vegetables, cheese, avocado, bacon, salsa
  • Hard-boiled egg bowl with walnuts, sun-dried tomatoes, avocado, and avocado oil-based mayonnaise
  • Full-fat yogurt with nuts, cinnamon, and cacao nibs
  • Bone broth with egg yolks


  • Fasting after one of the above breakfast options
  • Salad with vegetables, nuts and seeds, well-sourced protein, and healthy oil dressing
  • Salad made with sauerkraut or kimchi


  • Grass-fed beef, bone-in cuts
  • Organ meats 
  • Whole chicken or turkey
  • Wild-caught fish
  • Vegetables (mostly above-ground vegetables like cruciferous and leafy green vegetables, as opposed to starchy tubers): steamed, baked, or pan-fried, with plenty of healthy fats (butter, lard, coconut oil, avocado oil)

In Summary

As you can see, there are options abound on keto too! Limiting carbs doesn’t mean depriving yourself of delicious meals or snacks. For more ideas and recipes, you can visit Mark’s Daily Apple. Eating keto can have many benefits, as stated in Keto Answers, by Dr. Anthony Gustin and Chris Irvin: more energy, improved brain health/function, fat loss, improved insulin sensitivity, lowered inflammation, improved blood sugar control, improved mood, etc. Make sure you check with your physician first if you decide to start eating keto. As mentioned in My Paleo/Primal Eating Habits article, I like to stay in mild ketosis during the day and refeed with some healthy carbs at the end of the day. I enjoy the extra energy I get by eating that way. See what works for you!

Until next time!


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