About Me

Since discovering the basics of paleo/primal lifestyle in 2014, I have experienced better well-being all around. I wish I had known sooner about ancestral health while I was raising my three children, now in their 20s. My goal is to teach and help busy moms implement healthy lifestyle plans for themselves and their kids.

Being a chiropractic assistant for the past ten years has led me to relentlessly research what is best to optimize my health and energy levels. I am a lifelong learner who enjoys taking additional courses online. When I was studying journalism, it was clearly explained that studying journalism alone is not enough, one has to have a field of interest to write about. I now can say that I have found my field of interest. As a Primal Health Coach I am thrilled to be able to share with you how we can upgrade our energy, performance, and productivity levels, no matter where we start.

I live in Maryland and, in my spare time, I enjoy hiking with my children when they visit, swimming at the pool, doing cardio at the gym and strength training exercises at home.

I hope to inspire you to craft new behavior changes towards a life of your choosing filled with strength, joy, and contentment.


  • PHC Certified Primal Health Coach
  • FTD Functional Therapeutic Diets Specialist Certification
  • CPT NCSF Personal Trainer Certification
  • FMS (Functional Movement Screen) Level 1 Certification
  • MD Chiropractic Assistant Certification
  • A.A. Journalism – Southern MD Community College

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