Why Aerobic Exercise is Important

What is Aerobic Exercise?

As explained in a previous post on The Primal Blueprint Fitness Pyramid, aerobic exercise includes general everyday movement and workouts that do not go above the recommended aerobic heart rate zone of “180 minus your current age” or less. Aerobic exercise is well-paced and not so stressful on the body.

Enough movement throughout the day is necessary for proper blood flow to be delivered to the different muscles you use, which means more oxygen and nutrients, along with “waste removal.” Moving throughout the day (along with other variables) ensures proper cellular health.

You also want to add a few cardio sessions done at a comfortable heart rate. No chronic cardio here. Whatever fits your schedule the best. Cycling, swimming, running, or even just walking are all good options, whatever your energy levels of the day make you feel like doing.

Sidenote: Aerobic Workout / Anaerobic Workout

The word aerobic means “with oxygen.” When you do an aerobic workout, this means there is enough oxygen available to burn mostly fat, as fat needs oxygen to burn for energy when you exercise. 

In comparison, an anaerobic (“without oxygen”) workout is a workout that is more difficult to the point that it gives rise to an oxygen shortage (any brief and intense exercise like sprinting, for instance). This leads to the burning of a greater amount of glucose for energy (as glucose doesn’t need oxygen to burn).

The Main Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

  • Fat metabolism: aerobic exercise primes your body to better use free fatty acids for energy. This is enhanced, of course, if you also consume low-insulin-producing foods.
  • Cardiovascular function: aerobic exercise builds more mitochondria (the “powerhouses” of the cells) in your muscles, so you burn energy more effectively with less free radical damage. Aerobic exercise also helps with oxygen utilization by your lung, boosts the stroke volume of your heart, and enhances your capillary network.
  • Musculoskeletal strength and resilience: sensible aerobic exercise also helps better your bones, joints, and connective tissue. 

In Summary

Whenever you are moving your body and doing aerobic exercise, it benefits your body during the workout, and when you are at rest. Multiple health benefits can ensue from making sure you get enough movement/exercise each day. Last, but not least, aerobic exercise strengthens the immune system by enhancing the flow of anti-aging hormones, along with improving the circulatory system. 

Enjoy your favorite movement regimen for all of the above reasons!

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