Family Meals

Just like grown-ups, children need to eat a clean, healthy diet filled with nutrient-dense foods. Taking the time to have everybody sit down at the dinner table to share meals together can definitely make a big difference. This can be the perfect time to explain how beneficial certain foods can be or not. This can be the perfect time to introduce new foods for everyone to try. New ideas to make family meals a daily relaxing experience for everyone are always helpful! So what follows is a list of several tips highlighted by Dr. Steven Gundry in The Plant Paradox Quick and Easy.

Presentation Can Go a Long Way

You can use spiralizers and cookie cutters to turn uninviting vegetables into fun edible geometrical shapes. With some supervision, kids can even participate in the food prep, which they will, then, most likely want to taste.

Colorful Meals Are So Much More Appetizing

A colorful plate is definitely more inviting and appetizing, no matter what your age. So make sure each meal offers a nice array of colors.

Have a Salad-Bar Style Meal

Have everybody make their own tacos, for instance, with all the different ingredients put in the middle of the table to fill their grain-free taco shells (or wraps) with. Also, lots of different small dishes to choose from in the middle of the table can be a fun “dim sum” experience for everyone. 

“Get Sneaky”

You can add cut up greens and other veggies into (paleo-friendly) muffin and cookie batters without impacting the flavor and appearance much. Vegetable powders are also a great option.

Add a Dipping Sauce

A dipping sauce, guacamole or other, can make finger foods so tasty. And if you don’t feel like making the sauce yourself, Primal Kitchen offers a wide variety of options.

Use Paper or Metal Straws (as it is better for the environment)

Most kids love using straws, which can be a great way for them to consume nutrient-packed smoothies.

“Kid-Size Servings”

Sometimes, individual portions can be much more fun to eat. Paleo/Primal-friendly recipes about online like Sausage and Eggs to Go. Healthy snacks for kids are also a great option.

What are your favorite easy-meal ideas?

Until next time!


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