With whatever healthy new habits you want to implement into your life, a health coach is there to stand by you every step of the way. Who doesn’t want to feel better on a daily basis? Changes are not always easy to stick to over time. It is really important to use strategies to build new habits to clean up our diet, exercise more optimally, have better sleep hygiene, and learn how to manage the stress in our lives. A health coach is there to offer ongoing support and help you refine those strategies.

A primal health coach is going to focus on these goals, with general recommendations based on the ancestral health approach, which the primal lifestyle and paleo lifestyle embrace. This means to mimic the way our ancestors lived, as reasonably as possible, within our modern world boundaries.

To explain this concept in another way, it means that we want to eat whole foods rather than processed foods, get enough exercise and low-intensity movement throughout the day, get adequate sleep, and minimize stress triggers on top of learning how to better handle overall stress. We want to carve an optimal lifestyle for ourselves that works along with our ancestral roots, not against them. A primal health coach is there to help you do just that.

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